Aston Barclay Signs Solus Remarketing Deal with Vantage

Aston Barclay Signs Solus Remarketing Deal with Vantage

Vantage Motor Group is the latest high-profile dealer group to announce a solus remarketing arrangement with Aston Barclay.

Vantage will be disposing of around 6,000 used cars physically and online through Aston Barclay Wakefield, Donington Park and Prees Heath starting on the 2 August.

Impressed by the Aston Barclay adoption of new digital technologies combined with a high profile physical network, Mark Robinson, managing director of Vantage Motor Group has signed up to be lead vendor at the new northern Mega centre in Wakefield when it opens in Q4.

“What Aston Barclay is creating in the remarketing industry is new and exciting. The new technology makes the buying and selling experience more dynamic, and the entire look and feel of its physical estate fits in well with our company values,” he said.

“Wakefield looks amazing and we are proud to become lead vendor when it opens in Q4. We also look forward to trialling some of the group’s new technology, including its appraisal platform,” he added.

Vantage represents seven automotive brands, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Citroen and Skoda in the midlands and the north of England, and runs its own V Select used car brand.