Aston Barclay’s Digital Technology Secures Baylis Solus Remarketing Contract

Aston Barclay’s Digital Technology Secures Baylis Solus Remarketing Contract


Baylis Group has awarded Aston Barclay a solus remarketing contract worth 2,000 units a year .

Baylis is one of the largest independent Vauxhall dealer groups in the UK with eight branches across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.  The group was impressed with the Aston Barclay’s Cascade digital technology proposition as it transitions its used cars from retail to wholesale.  All part exchanges will be sold either online or at Aston Barclay Westbury’s weekly Wednesday dealer sale.

Baylis is planning to use the e-Valuate appraisal and inspection App to collect key vehicle details and images once a part exchange reaches a dealer.  Each used car will then be automatically uploaded to e-Xchange on a real time ‘buy now’ basis. After a few days if the car hasn’t sold online it is immediately transferred to Westbury to be sold at physical auction.

Adrian Ford, group sales operations manager of Baylis Group said: “We optimise new technology across our group to support our team of nearly 400 colleagues and our customers, which includes our Baylis TV channel.  Being able to sell used cars upstream online as soon as they reach our sites is very powerful and will reduce stocking days and transport costs.  Meanwhile, having a great physical auction in the form of Westbury behind us if the car does not sell online means we are covered across all bases.”

Richard Cross, Aston Barclay’s group sales director said: “Baylis is a great business and has a great reputation with its customers across a large region of the country.  We look forward to blending our technology with physical auction to drive its new used car remarketing strategy.”

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