What Makes a Rutland Deal

Actions and plans required to deliver the change are within the power of the

management team and the board during Rutland’s investment period

A Rutland deal can best be explained using our Deal Pyramid, which identifies the criteria necessary for Rutland to invest in a business.


The base of the pyramid identifies the first two areas that we assess:


  • Scale of the business relative to the markets in which it operates; and
  • Resilience of the market, one not subject to structural change or fundamentally volatile.


The second level of the Pyramid considers what the change opportunity is, which we categorise under four headings;


  • Transition
  • Transaction
  • Restructuring
  • Carve-out


Once the change opportunity is identified we consider the level of ‘Change and Complexity’ involved in the deal.


The final piece is ‘Controllable Actions’; being clear that the actions and plans needed to deliver the change are within the control of the management team and the Board during Rutland’s investment period.