Gardman Investment Timeline

Gardman Breaks Ground on Purpose Built Warehouse Facility

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8 March 2017

Gardman continues to implement its growth strategy throughout 2017 and beyond.


After undertaking a 12-month review of its current operations it has taken the decision to consolidate and relocate its warehouse facilities in the Kings Lynn areas to a single, purpose built 415,000 sq ft site in Daventry Northamptonshire.

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23 August 2017

Gardman appoints new group Sales Director

Rutland Exits Gardman

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17 October 2018

Rutland Partners LLP reports that on 16 October 2018 the business and assets for the Gardman Group were sold to Westland Horticulture Ltd.


For the last three years the business has successfully grown and developed in line with its original strategy.  In March 2018, the business suffered a catastrophic fire which destroyed its recently opened warehouse in Daventry and despite significant progress in rebuilding the sales base, it became clear that the business would need additional resource and time to fully recover and Westland has invested to facilitate the continued recovery.