Gardman Partners with the Royal British Legion

Gardman Partners with the Royal British Legion

Rutland is pleased to announce that Gardman has joined forces with The Royal British Legion to help raise £200,000 for serving members and veterans of the UK Armed Forces and their families through the launch of a new poppy design bird feeder and two charity wild bird feed blends.

As from 1 August 2016, the Peterborough-based company, a supplier to hundreds of retail stores and independent garden centres across the UK, has become an official corporate partner of the charity in a year-long partnership.

Gardman has launched a new Royal British Legion branded Poppy Bird Feeder alongside two sizes of Legion-branded premium Wild Bird Seed Blend, which will retail at available stores from September. The Poppy Bird Feeder will retail at £6.99 with the Wild Bird Seed Blend retailing at £4.99 (1.8kg) and £14.99 (12.55kg). Gardman will donate 50p for every sale of the Poppy Bird Feeder and 1.8kg pack of bird see and £1.50 per pack of its 12.55kg charity Wild Bird Seed Blend.

The Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder is a stunning garden ornament that can be used all year round, bringing style and colour to any garden display or outdoor space. The practical, yet elegant cast iron feeder is decoratively pained to look like a colourful, red poppy and is mounted on a strong metal stake for secure positioning in flower borders, lawns or large pots on balconies and terraces; a perfect way for homeowners, gardeners and bird-lovers to show their support for The Royal British Legion.

Gardman’s supporting Royal British Legion charity premium Wild bird See Blend is ideal for introductory bird feeders; it is suitable for all year round feeding and includes carefully sourced ingredients in conjunction with leading ornithologists and nutritionists to provide universal appeal to a variety of different birds.

Gavin White, Head of Brands at Gardman, said: “We are so proud to be partnering with The Royal British Legion and hope we can make a real difference to the Armed Forces community and their families. more than half of adults in the UK feed birds in their garden and many want to create a supportive garden habitat for them. The poppy is an iconic symbol in relation to our Armed Forces and because we share a core customer demographic with The Royal British Legion, we expect our beautiful bird feeder and accompanying feed to prove very popular.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity to not only increase sales and engagement for the Gardman wild bird care brand by bringing in new customers that have an affinity with the charity. More importantly, though, we will be helping to improve the lives of our Service people, as well as ensuring our wild birds are well fed and cared for.”

Louise Ajdukiewicz, Head of Corporate Partnerships for The Royal British Legion, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Gardman this year through the sale of Poppy Bird Feeders and Wild Bird Seed Blend. They are fantastic products and we are grateful to Gardman and its customers for their support. The money raised through these will enable the Legion to continue its work providing vital care and support to members of the British Armed Forces and their families, past and present.


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