Millbrook Further Strengthens its PEMS Capabilities

Millbrook Further Strengthens its PEMS Capabilities

Rutland is pleased to announce that Millbrook has taken delivery of a third new Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS).

The addition of this most recent equipment means that Millbrook now has the latest level systems from each of the major PEMS manufacturers, which will increase its capacity at a time when it is expecting significant growth in RDE testing.

As well as full gaseous measurements of CO, NOx, NO, NO2, CO2 and O2 the latest systems have a Particle Number (PN) unit. The PN unit is a ‘clone’ of the system on trial by the European Commission to evaluate the parameters required to reliably and accurately measure PN emitted from vehicle exhausts.

Millbrook became an early adopter of the PEMS and has conducted a number of projects across light, heavy and off-road vehicles to accurately and repeatedly gather key data that will help shape future technologies and fuels. In 2015 it announced the further investment of a dual Flame Ionization Detector (FID) to allow simultaneous total hydrocarbon and methane measurement. This latest announcement confirms its commitment to supporting the industry in this area.

Phil Stones, Head of Emissions and Fuel Economy at Millbrook, explains: “We have conducted numerous projects since 2013 with our PEMS equipment and have been developing our test routes and procedures ready for the new regulations, which came into use of information gathering from 1 January 2016, with a proposed introduction date of September 2017.”

He continues: “We are proud to be leading the way with the PEMS capabilities we now offer to our customers and remain committed to providing valuable data and advice, which will help to shape the future of RDE testing and the automotive industry.”


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