Omar Launch All-New Website

Omar Launch All-New Website

Omar is delighted to announce the launch of their all-new website for Omar Park & Leisure Homes. The new and improved website not only showcases Omar’s extensive range of park homes and luxury lodges but also has a new and improved park home and lodge finder and provides information and insight into the park lifestyle.

As a leading manufacturer of park homes and luxury lodges, with a heritage going back over 50 years, Omar has a reputation for excellence. The new website certainly reflects this and along with being able to research your perfect park home or luxury lodge, you can also find out all about how the homes are manufactured, the high quality and standard to which they are built (residential standard BS 3632).

Designed to help promote the park lifestyle to a wider audience, the new website makes it easier for those new to the idea of park home and lodge living to get a feel for what is involved. Lifestyle images throughout give a flavour of life on a park, and a handy new ‘Buying Info’ section provides practical information and advice. Whether you’re looking to buy on a park, for your own land or as a trade customer, you’ll find helpful information to help guide you through the process.

For those looking to buy on a park, the new and improved park home and lodge finder is a great place to search. Visitors can search by county, postcode or region or click on a map to find park homes and lodges in the area they are searching. However, it doesn’t stop there; visitors can also search by model and by type (residential or leisure). For each park listed, useful information including local amenities can be found and visitors can also find out what show-homes and plots are available. In addition, if visitors would like to enquire about a park, it’s now easier than ever to do so as there’s a quick form to fill in for further information.

Visit to see for yourself.