Pizza Hut Wins Two Major Marketing Awards

Pizza Hut Wins Two Major Marketing Awards

Rutland is pleased to announce that Pizza Hut Restaurants UK has recently won two marketing awards; the DADI’s award for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ and the COGS’s PR award for ‘Best PR and Marketing Communications’.

Hosted by Drum publication, the award for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ is acknowledged as one of the most prestigious awards in the marketing and advertising industry and is a great win for Pizza Hut Restaurants. The award was won for the company’s ‘Taste Freedom’ campaign. This was based on all the social media work carried out this year alongside Pizza Hut Restaurants’ commitment to their LSM and other digital work on this campaign. The award recognised repositioned the campaign repositioned Pizza Hut Restaurants to the millennial audience, its tone of voice, the engagement the campaign generated, the style of communications and how effectively the campaign supported the brand’s re-image work and its objective to connect to new audiences.

Another significant UK marketing award is the COGS’s PR award for ‘Best PR and Marketing Communications’, which was awarded to Pizza Hut Restaurants in recognition of their broader PR programme, in particular for the campaign the company ran in May to capitalise on Leicester City winning the football premier league. To support the local Leicester restaurants and to drive brand recognition as well as perception change, Pizza Hut Restaurants’ marketing activity included the Leicester restaurant changing their names by deed poll to the names of the professional football team. The award commended the huge media reach, the activity achieved, the connection to the team’s victory parade and the cultural significance of the work. In addition, the company was also praised for the support the campaign provided to driving sales into the Leicester restaurant over that weekend.

Both awards signify a huge success for Pizza Hut Restaurants and are great examples of targeted marketing having a significant impact.


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