Sigma 8 Trials in Jersey

Sigma 8 Trials in Jersey


WN VTech’s Mellor Sigma 8 bus is to be trialled in Jersey, as the Government of Jersey looks to improve its public transportation.

LibertyBus director Kevin Hart said: ‘We are excited about trialling the electric bus on the Island. The Mellor Sigma range are great little buses and we can’t wait to trial the bus on the network and share the results of the trial with the Government of Jersey.’

Richard Matthews, sales director at Mellor, said the manufacturer’s Sigma range was capable of navigating ‘the narrow or constricted routes of the Channel Islands with ease’.

Matthews said: ‘We believe our Sigma range of buses have huge potential to play a significant part in the Island’s efforts to improve its public transportation. These trials are a significant moment for Mellor as we look to expand our bus offering in the Channel Islands.’

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