About Us

Rutland has a reputation as a successful, hands-on investor

Our history dates back to 1986 when we were initially set up as a listed investment company led by Michael Langdon.  We quickly established a reputation as a successful hands-on investor and gained substantial operational and portfolio company management skills while developing a broad network of deal sourcing contacts.  Since then we have raised successive private equity funds with support from institutional investors from across the world who looked to back our value strategy.


Our approach is to help business work through current challenges, difficult transitions or complex development plans to reach their full potential.  We firmly believe that a fresh perspective, capital and a healthy interaction with management is the key to delivering results or turning fortunes around, whatever the start point.


However, our mission isn’t just to provide equity and wait for a company’s natural growth to generate a return on that investment.  We view complexity not as a challenge but as an opportunity – to combat inertia, change the culture of the business, and use that momentum to implement a hands-on, sustainable value-creation strategy.


Management teams are the key to this approach, and our goal is to empower them to plan and execute successful strategies to transform their businesses.  To improve performance, with constant collaboration at the heart of our investment model, the management teams are truly instrumental in driving change throughout their business – as the incredible success stories of investment such as Pizza Hut and Millbrook can attest.


We hope our website gives you a comprehensive overview of our work and we look forward to partnering with you in the future.

British Private Equity Awards
British Private Equity Awards