Corporate Responsibility

Responsible Investment


Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) is of increasing importance to the private equity industry.


Rutland Partners seeks to consistently and effectively identify and manage ESG issues both in its own business and in the underlying portfolio companies in funds under its management.


Our ESG practices are closely monitored by a good number of our investors and the most recent rating we have received is “Excellent”, a level which they ascribe to only around 20% of private equity GPs in the UK and less than 25% globally. This categorises us as a Manager who is genuinely committed to ESG, with institutional processes in place to apply ESG criteria in investment decision-making, be an active owner and reporter on ESG.


We believe that integrating ESG criteria into our investment and decision-making processes is essential to better understand the risks of our investments and, properly applied, can have a positive impact on the risk-adjusted performance of our portfolio investment companies.

Charity Partnerships


Our commitment to give something back to society was established many years ago.


Part of this commitment is our desire to assist charities that mirror our special situations ethos and support those that help others, particularly children, that are vulnerable, displaced and/or underprivileged, to reach their full potential.


Each year we choose a charity to partner with. During this partnership our objective is to establish a collaborative partnership with the charity and support the work they do; not only by taking part in fund raising activities but also taking the time to see and experience first-hand the work they do within the community and how this changes lives for the better.


Our charitable partnerships mirror our core business ethos; improving, adding value and making a difference where we can to the lives of those assisted by our chosen charity.